Science Highlights

The 32-year record-high surface melt in 2019/2020 on the northern George VI Ice Shelf, Antarctic Peninsula

Assessment of ICESat-2 sea ice surface classification with Sentinel-2 imagery: implications for freeboard and new estimates of lead and floe geometry

Steep glacier bed knickpoints mitigate inland thinning in Greenland

Detection of Melt Ponds on Arctic Summer Sea Ice from ICESat-2

Intercomparison of Precipitation Estimates over the Southern Ocean from Atmospheric Reanalyses

Topographic correction of geothermal heat flux in Greenland

Declining Snow Cover in the Western U.S. Promotes Desiccation of the Great Salt Lake

Damage accelerates ice shelf instability and mass loss in Antarctica’s Amundsen Sea Embayment

The age of surface-exposed ice along the northern margin of the Greenland Ice Sheet

Pervasive ice sheet mass loss reflects competing ocean and atmosphere processes

Winter Arctic sea ice thickness from ICESat-2 freeboards

Evaporation from the Southern Ocean Estimated on the Basis of AIRS Satellite Data