Pawan K. Bhartia Maniac Lecture

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Senior Scientist, Atmospheric Chemistry & Dynamics Laboratory, NASA GSFC

Dr. Pawan K. Bhartia is an internationally known expert on ultraviolet remote sensing of Earth from space. He developed the algorithms that have been used to produce ozone data from SBUV and TOMS series of instruments, and is a co-developer of the TOMS aerosol retrieval algorithm that produces unique daily global maps of smoke and dust, and can directly measure aerosol absorption from space. Algorithms and calibration techniques developed under Dr. Bhartia’s direction have been adapted by groups around the world to process data from advanced hyperspectral instruments on US and European satellites, including the OMI instrument currently flying on the EOS Aura satellite, and the OMPS instrument suite on the Suomi NPP satellite. He is currently serving as the OMPS-LP Sensor Team Lead. Among his awards are the Remote Sensing Prize, AMS (2014); the Distinguished Service Medal, NASA (2013); and Yoram J. Kaufman Award, AGU, Atmospheric Sciences Section (2012).