Anne Douglass Maniac Lecture

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Atmospheric Scientist, Atmospheric Chemistry & Dynamics Laboratory, NASA GSFC

Dr. Anne Douglass contributes to research involving stratospheric ozone, including effects of changes in anthropogenic chlorofluorocarbons and effects of emissions from aircraft. She served as Deputy Project Scientist for the Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite and Earth Observing System Aura, and has been project scientist for Aura since 2009. After obtaining her undergraduate degree and master’s degree, she began a PhD program with a specialty in atmospheric science. Dr. Douglass accepted a part-time contractor position at Goddard Space Flight Center, and transitioned to full-time when she became a civil servant. Throughout this time her interest was modeling stratospheric ozone, progressing with the field from 1-D models to 2-D (latitude/altitude) and then 3-D (using specified meteorology), always keeping the modeling activity and results close to observations, often pursuing parallel analysis of observations and simulated output that was sampled in the same manner as the observations. She is currently co-lead for one of the premier chemistry climate models, that couples a photochemical mechanism appropriate for climate applications in the stratosphere and troposphere with the state-of-the-art general circulation model that is developed in the Global Modeling and Assimilation Office. Among Dr. Douglass’ awards, she has received a NASA Outstanding Leadership Medal (2012) and Nordberg Award (GSFC, Remote Sensing in Earth Science) (2013). She is also a Fellow of both the American Meteorological Society (1998) and the American Geophysical Union (2007).