Gail Skofronick Jackson Maniac Lecture

Personal Photograph

Project Scientist, GPM; Chief, Mesoscale Atmospheric Processes Laboratory, NASA GSFC

As the Project Scientist for the Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) mission, Dr. Gail Skofronick Jackson directs and coordinates all science team activities for GPM retrieval algorithms, ground validation, and both pure precipitation science and application science investigations. She also develops national and international partnerships, advocates for the mission, presents at conferences, education and outreach events, and prepares mission documentation. Because of her engineering background, Dr. Jackson provides a critical link between the project engineers/mission operations and the scientists using data.

Dr. Skofronick Jackson is a highly accomplished and well-regarded scientist for retrievals of ice particles in clouds. She has been funded for this work as a PI for NASA Headquarters under the Precipitation Measurement Mission and CloudSat Programs. Dr. Skofronick Jackson is also the Laboratory Chief for the Mesoscale Atmospheric Processes (Code 612) Laboratory.