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Affiliation: Woods Hole Research Center
Event Date: Thursday, February 20, 2020

Location: Building 33, Room H114

Jennifer Francis

February 26, 2020

1:30-2:30 pm

Affiliation: NPP/Climate & Radiation Laboratory
Event Date: Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Dichroism in Precipitating Atmospheres
The Importance of Convective Bursts and the upper-level warm core in the Rapid Intensification of Hurricane Wilma (2005)
The Megha-Tropiques accumulated rainfall algorithm TAPEER-BRAIN: investigating the error budget of satellite QPE

Tune in tonight to NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams. Goddard's Gail Skofronick-Jackson flies through a snowstorm with reporter Anne Thompson on the DC-8 to learn more about GPM's Cold-season Precipitation Experiment (GCPEx) taking place in Ontario, Canada.

Tropical Cyclone variability in the East Atlantic

Chris D. Thorncroft, State University of New York at Albany

Assimilation of High-Resolution Inner-core Observations for Cloud-Resolving Hurricane Initialization
The advection-condensation problem in hurricane intensity modeling: Impact and possible solutions
Aerosol particle transport to the Bolivian Andean Glaciers: Preliminary results and future steps
Adaptive Fusion of Multi-sensor Precipitation Observations using Gaussian Scale Mixtures in the Wavelet Domain
Multiwavelength lidar studies and their relation to the ACE mission