Science Highlights

New satellite algorithm estimates abundances of the smallest phytoplankton species

Using the full spectrum of remote sensing reflectance to elucidate color shifts in the ocean

Leveraging Saildrone chlorophyll-a fluorescence measurements for validating satellite ocean color retrievals

How we average data is important: an aerosol example

Comparing level-2 and level-3 satellite ocean color retrieval validation methodologies

Comparison of multi-angle polarimeters in the PODEX field campaign

Airborne LUnar Spectral Irradiance (air-LUSI) Mission Design

Remote sensing of aerosols with small satellites in formation flight

From microscopy to spectroscopy: unravelling spatio-temporal phytoplankton distributions from space

From laboratory to Top of atmosphere: Towards the detection of globally significant algal groups from space

Evaluating OLCI, MERIS, & MODIS ocean color products to advance watershed monitoring & time-series applications

Polarimeter and Lidar evaluation: the ACEPOL field campaign