Ice In Motion

Ice in Motion, a series of posters depicting NASA’s work in Greenland, is now freely available for download. The posters, which were translated into Danish and Greenlandic with the help of high school students, are currently on display at several airports and high schools in Greenland. The posters were designed by NASA Goddard Space Flight Center’s Cryospheric Sciences Laboratory, in collaboration with the United States Embassy in Copenhagen, the government of Greenland and the Joint Committee, a forum involving the Greenlandic, Danish and U.S. governments. You can read more about this exhibit in The Arctic Journal.

Click on any image below to view the full poster.  Loading times may vary.

Ice in Motion                                                                   Glacier Calving

Greenland   greenland3

Greenland Ice Sheet                                                 Snow Spring

greenland2  greenland4

Sea Ice Lead                                                              Windblown Snow

greenland5  greenland7

Glacier Flow                                                              Melt Runoff

greenland6  greenland8

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