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Field Campaigns

February 2017


Under the leadership of Dr. Edward Kim, the 2017 SnowEx airborne and field campaign was carried out in Colorado during February 6-24. For more information please visit

NASA Glenn pilot Kurt Blankenship
NASA Goddard SLAP Instrument Manager Albert Wu
NASA Goddard SLAP Lead Engineer Eugenia De Marco
NASA Langley Quality Engineer Carey Smith
NASA Langley Pilot Les Kagey
NASA Langley Crew Chief Scott Sims
NASA Langley Crew Matt Brame
NASA Goddard SLAP Principal Investigator Ed Kim

Goddard's SLAP on the NASA Langley King Air preparing to depart on the first flight of SLAPex freeze/thaw in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Ground soil moisture and vegetation sampling and aircraft active and passive L-band sensor measurements coincident with observatory passes over the Yanco region of Australia (380 miles west of Sydney).