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The Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment Follow On Mission (GRACE-FO)


Trends in terrestrial water storage (in centimeters per year) based on GRACE observations from April 2002 to March 2016. The cause of the trend in each outlined study region is briefly explained and color-coded by category.  From Rodell, M., Famiglietti, J. S., Wiese, D. N., Reager, J. T., Beaudoing, H. K., Landerer, F. W., & Lo, M. H. (2018). Emerging trends in global freshwater availability. Nature, 557(7707), 651.

The Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment Follow On mission (GRACE-FO).  Extending the unique and valuable data record provided by GRACE (2002-2017), GRACE-FO produces new, highly accurate maps of the Earth's gravity field on a monthly basis, which are then used to detect and quantify changes in terrestrial water storage (the sum of groundwater, soil moisture, surface waters, snow, and ice). 

NASA Satellites Reveal Major Shifts in Global Freshwater